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Sleep well to live well

Welcome toSalt Lake SleepSolutions!

Salt Lake Sleep Solutions is proud to introduce one of the most groundbreaking therapies for common issues such as chronic headaches, allergies, restless sleep, snoring, and obstructive sleep apnea. Here at our practice, we treat both children and adults.

If you often feel lethargic and groggy, you may be suffering from a sleep disorder. Salt Lake Sleep Solutions can help you rediscover a full night’s sleep. With our help, you can feel refreshed and reinvigorated again!

Contact our highly-skilled team today to learn how you can improve your sleep and breathing wellness.

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What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleeping disorders are surprisingly common. Researchers estimate that approximately 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by repeated pauses in breathing during sleep. These pauses, known as “apneas,” can last for 10 seconds or more. Patients who suffer from sleep apnea can have anywhere between 5 to 100 apneas each night.

Consequences of Sleep Apnea

People with sleep apnea usually experience restless and disrupted sleep, causing them to suffer from daytime exhaustion, memory loss, and poor concentration. Sleep apnea has also been linked to some serious health risks, such as cardiovascular issues, diabetes, depression, and high blood pressure. Sleep apnea treatments can greatly reduce the risk of developing these threatening health problems.

Sleep Testing

To diagnose sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders, we issue convenient take-home tests to monitor your sleeping and breathing patterns. Once we have the results from your test, we can accurately determine what is making you lose precious sleep. The results of this test can also guide us in creating a personalized treatment plan that restores your quality of life and helps you enjoy breathing wellness.

Breathing Wellness

Traditional methods of treating sleep apnea can help you cope with the symptoms and sleep better each night. Here at Salt Lake Sleep Solutions, we want to resolve the cause of your sleep apnea by using craniofacial epigenetics and Pneumopedics® science to guide the creation of a custom oral appliance that can remodel your airway. This leads to breathing wellness as well as an effective sleep apnea treatment.

K. Don Bigelow, DDS

Dr. K. Don Bigelow, DDS is passionate in providing excellence in sleep disorders, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and epigenetic orthodontics.

After years of dedication to helping his patients find relief from sleep apnea, he has completed extensive training in this revolutionary treatment that can potentially help open the airway, and thus provide permanent relief from obstructive sleep apnea as well as the symptoms that it causes.

Credentials, and Affiliations:

  • Diplomate American Sleep and Breathing Academy
  • Member American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • Member Utah Sleep Society
  • Member American Dental Association
  • Past President Salt Lake District Dental Society

Approximately 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. Unfortunately, many people with sleep apnea don’t realize they have it, often leaving them undiagnosed and untreated.

Snoring and sleep apnea result from a narrowed or obstructed airway during sleep.

Snoring occurs when the air passing through the narrowed airway vibrates the surrounding loose tissue, creating noise.

When an individual has sleep apnea, they experience recurrent episodes of paused breathing for 10 seconds or more during sleep. These breathing pauses can occur between as little as five times a night, but some people experience this over a hundred times every night! Some patients report their sleep is often restless and disrupted. Those who suffer with sleep apnea experience daytime exhaustion, difficulty concentrating, and chronic snoring.

Sleep apnea can elevate the risk of contracting dangerous health threats, such as heart disease or diabetes.

Cardiovascular issues often stem from decreased oxygen levels in the blood. Besides wreaking havoc on your sleep, sleep apnea can also reduce blood oxygen levels and oxygen to the brain. This puts many sleep apnea patients at risk of developing heart disease.

Sleep apnea can also contribute to:

  • Stroke
  • Irregular heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Weight gain
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Poor memory and difficulty concentrating
  • And, even an increased risk of car accidents as sufferers often fall asleep at the wheel or cannot concentrate while driving.

By helping you breathe well again, we are ensuring that your body can maintain the oxygen levels necessary for good health!

At Salt Lake Sleep Solutions, we can help you reclaim your sleep and health again!

At Salt Lake Sleep Solutions, we strive to be on the cutting-edge of sleep technology, so we can provide the most comfortable and convenient treatments available. Our sleep experts can assist you in finding a customized treatment plan that works for you, helping reduce and even eliminate the symptoms of sleep apnea.

We value our patients and work with them, listening to their questions and concerns. We want to find a solution that works perfectly for you. That’s why we will help you choose the most convenient and effective treatment for your specific sleep disorder.

Let us help you improve your sleep and overall quality of life!

You deserve a refreshing deep sleep. Our compassionate staff can help you achieve a good night’s rest. To learn more about improving your sleep, contact Salt Lake Sleep Solutions today!

6364 Highland Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
Call: (801) 424-0600
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