Does Sleep Apnea need to be treated?

After insomnia, sleep apnea is the most common sleeping disorder! It affects nearly 22 million Americans. Regrettably, approximately 50% of Americans with sleep apnea are left untreated. Many of these patients are unaware that they are suffering from sleep apnea, while others are not proactive in treating it.

Consequences of Sleep Apnea

When sleep apnea goes untreated, it causes many daily problems and raises the threat of developing multiple chronic health problems as well.

Daily Difficulties

Poor sleep means that your brain and body are not resting properly. When you are not getting enough rest, you may experience poor memory, irritability, and frequent headaches. Sleep apnea also dulls your focus and concentration, resulting in a greater risk for automobile or machinery accidents.

Some patients who suffer from sleep apnea also report a decreased quality of life as it severely affects their mood. This, in turn, can make relationships more tense and difficult to navigate.

Health Complications

During the night, your body takes this time to generate cytokines, which are essential to a healthy immune system. Without these cytokines, you may become sick very easily.

Sleep apnea reduces your blood oxygen levels. Depleted oxygen levels can cause a host of problems and contribute to serious health issues.

Due to its effects on oxygen levels and your body’s opportunities to regenerate, sleep apnea has been linked to the following diseases:

  • High blood pressure.
  • Heart disease.
  • Stroke.
  • Pre-diabetes and diabetes.
  • Depression.
  • Some forms of cancer.

Healthy sleep greatly influences your total body health. At Salt Lake Sleep Solutions, we can help you improve your overall health through sleep apnea treatment.

Treating sleep apnea can help eliminate sleepiness, sensitivity, fogginess, and mood swings. Treatment may even help reduce your risk for serious health complications like those listed above.

Don’t Live with Sleep Deprivation!

Sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your overall health and life plans. However, treatment can be simple! At Salt Lake Sleep Solutions, we want our patients to lead fulfilling lives. That’s why we offer effective treatment plans that reverse and reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.

We provide several modern treatment options to protect your systemic health. Treatment here at Salt Lake Sleep Solutions is geared toward non-surgical airway remodeling that can resolve the cause of your sleep apnea rather than simply helping you cope with the symptoms.

Sleep Tests Give You Answers and Peace of Mind

If you have excessive snoring or daytime sleepiness, contact Salt Lake Sleep Solutions to schedule a visit today. We can provide a take-home sleep test that will accurately report your sleeping patterns.

With the information gathered from your sleep test, our caring staff can give you an exact diagnosis and help you build a customized treatment plan that can help you rest every night.

If you think you or a loved one may be suffering from sleep apnea, call our office today. Salt Lake Sleep Solutions can provide you with the relief you need!